Source code for nannyml.exceptions

# Author:   Niels Nuyttens  <>
# License: Apache Software License 2.0

"""Custom exceptions."""

[docs]class InvalidArgumentsException(BaseException): """An exception indicating that the inputs for a function are invalid."""
[docs]class ChunkerException(BaseException): """An exception indicating an error occurred somewhere during chunking."""
[docs]class MissingMetadataException(BaseException): """An exception indicating metadata columns are missing from the dataframe being processed."""
[docs]class InvalidReferenceDataException(BaseException): """An exception indicating the reference data provided are invalid."""
[docs]class CalculatorException(BaseException): """An exception indicating an error occurred during (drift) calculation."""
[docs]class CalculatorNotFittedException(CalculatorException): """An exception indicating a calculator was not fitted before using it in calculations."""
[docs]class NotFittedException(BaseException): """An exception indicating an object was not fitted before using it."""
[docs]class WriterException(BaseException): """An exception indicating something went wrong whilst trying to write out results."""