Running the CLI


The nml CLI is included with the NannyML library. It can be installed using pip:

pip install nannyml

or conda:

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda install nannyml

The nml CLI is also distributed as a Docker container, allowing you to run NannyML without having Python installed on your machine or use NannyML in containerized workflows.

docker -v /local/config/dir/:/config/ run nannyml/nannyml nml run


You can use a configuration file and some command line arguments to provide NannyML with the information it needs. All CLI arguments can also be specified within the configuration file, eliminating the need for any CLI arguments at all. Because of its dynamic nature, we’ve opted to require a configuration file to specify things like input data and column mappings.

You can read more about the configuration file format in the configuration file format documentation.

NannyML will look for the configuration file with a default name in default locations. If need be the path to a configuration file with a custom name or location can be provided.

You can read more about configuration file locations in the configuration file locations documentation.