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#  Author:   Niels Nuyttens  <>
#  License: Apache Software License 2.0
from io import BytesIO
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Any, Dict

from nannyml._typing import Result
from nannyml.exceptions import InvalidArgumentsException
from import WriterFactory, _get_filepath_str
from import FileWriter, _write_bytes_to_filesystem

[docs]@WriterFactory.register('raw_files') class RawFilesWriter(FileWriter): """A Writer implementation that dumps the Result contents (data and plots) on disk (local/remote/cloud).""" def __init__( self, path: str, format: str, write_args: Dict[str, Any] = None, credentials: Dict[str, Any] = None, fs_args: Dict[str, Any] = None, ): """ Creates a new RawFilesWriter instance Parameters ---------- path : str The directory to write the results in. Each Result being written there will end create its own subdirectory. Each of those will contain `data` and `plots` subdirectories. format: str The file format for the data export. Should be one of ``parquet`` or ``csv``. write_args : Dict[str, Any] Specific arguments passed along the method performing the actual writing. credentials : Dict[str, Any] Used to provide credential information following specific ``fsspec`` implementations. fs_args : Specific arguments passed along to the ``fsspec`` filesystem initializer. Examples -------- >>> writer = RawFilesWriter(path='/output', format="parquet") >>> # plots is a Dictionary mapping a plot name to a plotly Figure >>> # this is some legacy stuff to be cleaned up >>> writer.write(result, plots={}, calculator_name='test') """ super().__init__(path, write_args, credentials, fs_args) if format not in ['parquet', 'csv']: raise InvalidArgumentsException(f"unknown value for format '{format}', should be one of 'parquet', 'csv'") self._data_format = format def _write(self, result: Result, **kwargs): if 'plots' not in kwargs: raise InvalidArgumentsException("missing parameter 'plots'.") plots = kwargs['plots'] if not isinstance(plots, Dict): raise InvalidArgumentsException(f"parameter 'plots' is of type {type(plots)} but should be 'Dict'") if is None: raise InvalidArgumentsException("result data cannot be None") calculator_name = kwargs['calculator_name'] write_path = _get_filepath_str(self.filepath, self._protocol) images_path = Path(write_path) / calculator_name / "plots" images_path.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True) self._logger.debug(f"writing {len(plots)} images to {images_path}") for name, image in plots.items(): if image is None: self._logger.debug(f"image for '{name}' is 'None'. Skipping writing to file.") break _write_bytes_to_filesystem(image.to_image(format='png'), images_path / f'{name}.png', self._fs) data_path = Path(write_path) / calculator_name / "data" data_path.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True) self._logger.debug(f"writing data to {data_path}") bytes_buffer = BytesIO() if self._data_format == "parquet":, **self._write_args) _write_bytes_to_filesystem(bytes_buffer.getvalue(), data_path / f"{calculator_name}.pq", self._fs) elif self._data_format == "csv":, **self._write_args) _write_bytes_to_filesystem(bytes_buffer.getvalue(), data_path / f"{calculator_name}.csv", self._fs) else: raise InvalidArgumentsException(f"unknown value for format '{format}', should be one of 'parquet', 'csv'")