Adjusting Plots

NannyML uses Plotly 1 to generate figures and returns plotly.graph_objs._figure.Figure from .plot methods. When you need the plot to do something other than the default plotting, e.g. add another curve or indicate a specific time period in the figure, you can do this by updating the plot.

The example below adds an additional indicator for a particular period of interest using this method.

>>> import pandas as pd
>>> import nannyml as nml
>>> reference, analysis, analysis_target = nml.load_synthetic_binary_classification_dataset()
>>> metadata = nml.extract_metadata(data = reference, model_name='wfh_predictor', model_type='classification_binary',
>>>                                 exclude_columns=['identifier'])
>>> metadata.target_column_name = 'work_home_actual'
>>> estimator = nml.CBPE(model_metadata=metadata, chunk_size=5000, metrics=['roc_auc']).fit(reference)
>>> data = pd.concat([reference, analysis], ignore_index=True)
>>> estimated_performance = estimator.estimate(data=data)
>>> figure = estimated_performance.plot(kind='performance', metric='roc_auc')

>>> # indicate period of interest
>>> import datetime as dt
>>> figure.add_vrect(x0=dt.datetime(2019,1,1), x1=dt.datetime(2020, 1,1),
>>>                  annotation_text="Strategy change", annotation_position="top left")